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Case Study

Code University

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Hardly any other device is entrusted with as much private information as your own smartphone. This makes it all the more important to have comprehensive data protection features.


Employers trained

The challenge

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Code University was already confronted with the important issue of data protection as part of its accreditation - a single data protection officer took care of it at the time. The sole responsibility of the employee was reflected in ongoing uncertainty in areas relevant to GDPR, and the university also had to contend with many manual processes. She also complained that there was a lack of understandable preparation and structured training for employees. As a result of costly and time-consuming processes and the lack of data protection awareness for the entire company, Code University was looking for a smart solution for its data protection compliance.

The solution

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In heyData, the Code University not only found reliable legal know-how, but rather a digital all-in-one software solution with a focus on easy handling and accelerated processes that guarantees all-encompassing GDPR compliance. After successful onboarding and introduction to the heyData platform, the data protection level of the university was determined and improvements made in the entirely digital audit. The Code University was then able to use the platform to retrieve all of the documents that were relevant to its data protection and had been created fully automatically. At the same time, digital training courses for employees began to make them aware of data protection regulations and their impact on their day-to-day work. In addition, the heyData platform enables ongoing monitoring of all relevant processes and data protection requests from the university. This ensures Code University's 100% data protection compliance.

The result

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  • full data protection compliance in less than 2 weeks
  • efficient use of resources: labor saving from original
    3 required data protection officers
  • trained and informed employees through digital training
  • ongoing data protection compliance through heyData's simultaneous processing of all data protection issues and requests

"Open working with heyData: Digital software solution replaces 3 data protection officers."

Benjamin Reif

Sawyo, Founder

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