Data protection as a competitive advantage for start-ups

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Your data protection experts - heyData

All-round secured in terms of data protection

We at heyData offer you tailor-made solutions and individual advice and make you data protection compliant.

  • 100% data protection protection
  • Certified data protection experts for your industry
  • Individual advice and pricing
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Customers who trust us:

Your advantages with heyData

Comprehensible and transparent data protection advice

Get your personal, certified data protection advisor to protect yourself as quickly as possible at any time - simply on call.

Customized industry solutions

With us you always have the right contact person for your industry in order to offer you tailor-made and individual data protection solutions.

Next-level data protection management

Our end-to-end solution consisting of a digital platform and individual advice guarantees you absolute data protection security - when and where you want.

All documents in your personal cloud at heyData

It's never been that easy. With heyData, you have all data protection documents safely stored in your personal area.

Your external data protection officer

Simply put your corporate data protection in the hands of the experts at heyData.

  • 100% data protection protection
  • Certified specialists for your industry
  • Completely transparent and individual cost structure

“The special thing about heyData is the unbureaucratic and entrepreneurially intelligent cooperation. With the fast service and solution-oriented answers to complex questions it feels more like an: e excellent internal: r employee: in and less like an external service provider. "

Michael from Frischepost

“In the healthcare sector, in particular, there are special challenges in terms of compliance with the GDPR, as you work with sensitive data on a daily basis. Together with heyData at our side, we were able to master this successfully and have found in you a competent partner who can help us quickly and professionally at any time. "

Felix from Felix Healthcare Space

“The cooperation with heyData clearly reflected the principle of data protection - trustworthy, reliable and transparent. It quickly turned out that heyData works professionally and that the criteria are taken into account in every detail. "

Konrad von Lendis

“Our cooperation with heyData turned out to be extremely recommendable. Not only are the approaches to our requirements carried out considerately and thoroughly, but also support as soon as the data protection measures are put into effect. "

Robin from November

“Thanks to the trusting cooperation with HeyData, we benefit greatly from their expertise, which means that the implementation of the GDPR is not a challenge. In HeyData we have found a professional partner who is at our side with advice and action and with whom we feel in the best hands with regard to data protection. "

Stefan from OKM Detector

“With heyData we feel we are well advised on all questions of data protection and the GDPR. We rely on solid specialist knowledge and many years of experience. We particularly appreciate the unsolicited advice and tips for implementing new, complex guidelines. "

Timo from Tektit Consulting

“At HeyData we have a personal contact, quick help and, above all, a clear price structure. They offer an optimal price-performance ratio, which is particularly important to us as a fintech startup. The overall package just fits. "

Kurosch from Carl
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Personal data protection advice tailored to your needs

Frequently asked questions about data protection

Do I need a data protection officer?
What are personal data?
How does heyData work?
How long is the contract term?
What is done in the data protection audit?
Do I need a data protection officer?

If you and your company meet one or more of the following criteria, then YES:
- Your company employs more than 20 people
- The employees regularly process automated data
- Special categories of personal data are processed in the company, such as ethnic origin, political opinion, religious conviction, health, the person's sex life
- Business-related personal data is transmitted, collected, processed or used and this represents a core activity of the company (this is the case with almost all companies that are related to personnel, e.g. software, recruiting, headhunting, consulting, etc.) 

What are personal data?

According to the GDPR, personal data is all information that relates to an identifiable or identified natural person. The persons concerned can be identified if they can be identified directly or indirectly, in particular by means of assignment to an identifier such as a name, an identification number, a location or other features. In practice, this includes all data that can be assigned to a person in any way. Examples of this are telephone numbers, ID numbers, account details, license plates, customer numbers, e-mail addresses or postal addresses.

How does heyData work?

As soon as you have decided to work with heyData, after an initial needs analysis, we will carry out a data protection audit with your company in order to understand the processes of your company holistically - this process is digitally accompanied and supervised by the data protection advisor. We will then work with you to prepare the necessary documentation and, if necessary, adapt the website of your company according to our instructions, should there be a need for changes in order to achieve conformity. Depending on the package, we are then involved in a wide variety of processes in your company that require the expertise of a data protection officer to protect you in all matters; this usually extends to HR, marketing, product but also business development processes.

How long is the contract term?

The regular contract term is 24 months.

What is done in the data protection audit?

The data protection audit is intended to examine the processes of your company and to identify the essential points of data processing. You will then receive documentation of this so that the positions, the type of data processed and the persons responsible are also available as a diagram at any time.

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