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Information to employees

My employees work from home. Should I have them sign an additional document?
Is an addition to the employment contract necessary if my employees are now working from home?
I already have a home office agreement with my employees. Is that enough?

Working in the home office

Our employees also print out many documents in the home office. How should you dispose of them?
Several employees do not have separate offices at home. Are you not allowed to work at home?
Can paper files be used in the home office?

Use of service providers

We use cloud providers for data access in our company. As an entrepreneur, am I responsible for ensuring that the provider complies with data protection laws?
I cannot conclude many order processing agreements because I can't find them, e.g. the one for Microsoft 365. Where can I find the order processing agreement for Microsoft 365?
Is there a difference between processors from the EU and from a country outside the EU?
What do you need to consider with processors from the USA?
Can I pass on data to US providers who only host data in the EU?


Is a connection via a Virtual Private Network (VPN) mandatory for working from home?
Is a remote desktop application just as secure as a connection via a virtual private network (VPN)?
Do all emails have to be encrypted?
What should you watch out for when encrypting emails?


Are employees allowed to use their own devices in the home office?
Many employees receive their work e-mails on their private cell phones. What about the employer's access rights here?
Is it just as dangerous if company emails are only opened in the browser of the private device?

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