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Product News: mattersOut by heyData

Product News: mattersOut by heyData

heyData's journey continues: We are very happy to present you our new product mattersOut!

With the help of mattersOut, we continue to drive the compliance revolution for all startups & SMEs. With our whistleblowing software, we want to expand further in the compliance world and provide you with a solution that is one thing above all else: simple and reliable. In the following article we explain why you should use a whistleblowing solution for your company and how your compliance experts from heyData support you with mattersOut.

Dealing with grievances

One measure of your company should be the correct handling of misconduct in the workplace. This is not only an important compliance issue, but also has a direct impact on your employees and various departments. This is where mattersOut comes in: Our new product is a simple, secure and anonymous communication channel that you can use to give your employees a voice and take care of reporting such incidents.

What happens in your company when misconduct occurs?
Most often it is the employees who are affected by misconduct and do not know what to do or how to report such an incident. It is therefore important that you listen to your employees and let them have their say. Encouraging them to act as whistleblowers (or whistleblowers) not only helps to uncover wrongdoing, but also promotes your culture, increases trust and transparency in your company, and keeps you in sync acts with the EU Whistleblowing Directive.

Implementation of the EU directive

The directive came into force in the EU at the end of 2021. In July 2022, a Draft law on the way, which will probably be turned into German law in late 2022 or early 2023. The guideline affects all companies and organizations with 50 or more employees and was introduced to establish a uniform standard and minimum protection for whistleblowers in Europe. To do this, you should first set up an anonymous reporting channel that can be integrated into your company as part of a whistleblower protection system such as mattersOut.

mattersOut: Various advantages for your company

However, MattersOut is much more than just a digital compliance process for adhering to legal standards. There are many advantages for your company, among others

  • the opportunity to uncover/recognize grievances at an early stage
  • to minimize financial risks from possible fraud or legal cases
  • protecting your company's reputation
  • strengthening your corporate culture
  • the examination of providers who pass on data outside the EU

In order to be able to use all the advantages, extensive communication is required - this is exactly what we offer you with our product.
You may have heard of a speak-up or awareness platform in this context. While these are more associated with human resources and the term whistleblowing comes from the compliance world, they all have the same intention: strengthening employees and uncovering grievances. MattersOut is a solution for both areas.

This is how mattersOut works

mattersOut makes reporting and handling incidents easy. Those affected have the opportunity

  • to speak up safely, easily and 100% anonymously
  • Report incidents in just 3 steps, no login required

And the person of trust provided by the company is also given the opportunity

  • to identify defects earlier
  • handle incidents safely
  • promote corporate values

As experts in data protection, we understand exactly what secure communication means - anonymity of the persons concerned is our top priority!

Show your employees that their voice counts and position yourself as a trustworthy employer. With mattersOut, you can be confident that your employees are safe and your company values ​​and culture are promoted, while at the same time being compliant with the law and correctly implementing the EU directive. By offering your employees a secure communication channel and a responsible person of trust, they are strengthened and protected in their function as whistleblowers and you create more trust and transparency.

Learn more here: MattersOut by heyData or contact us directly via mattersout@heydata.eu

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