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Data protection for companies-advice

Why do business need-advisor a data protection-commissioned?

Management consultants work with various personal data about the relevant companies, their employees and clients so that they can advise their customers in the best possible way. Personal data used are, for example:

  • First and last name of business partners, employees, customers
  • Information about processes and finances in the customers' companies
  • various e-mail addresses of customers, business partners

In addition to fines, a breach of this data could also result in severe damage to the image of the management consultancy, which can affect its business in the long term. Info about the most common privacy violations you can find in our magazine.

Opt for heyData and benefit from your personal and professional contact person, who Data protection compliance at all levels and at the highest level.


“With heyData we feel well advised on all questions of data protection and the GDPR. We rely on solid specialist knowledge and many years of experience. We particularly appreciate the unsolicited advice and tips for implementing new, complex guidelines. "

Timo from Tektit Consulting


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