Listen and empower employees. With
mattersOut is possible.

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100% anonymous, very easy and absolutely safe
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More transparency, trust and integrity
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In line with the EU whistleblower policy

Several hundred companies already rely on heyData's compliance solutions

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The most important functions at a glance

Reporting and handling incidents should be one thing above all else: easy.

Report incidents securely

The anonymous reporting of incidents is fast and without additional barriers

Adhere to specifications and deadlines

As compliance experts, we are also your partner here to support you

trustworthy communication

Unanswered questions and incident support through anonymous chat

Act quickly and easily

You can process incidents directly on the platform and get in touch with the employee

Your advantages with mattersOut as a partner

Whistleblowing is more than just compliance


Strengthen & protect employees


In line with the EU Whistleblowing Directive

Uncover grievances & promote culture
Create more trust & transparency

We understand both sides

With mattersOut you have a solution that supports both sides

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identify problems earlier
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Handle incidents securely
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promote corporate values
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100% anonymous
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Secure chat
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No additional hurdles

Investment of a few cents per employee

Show that your voice matters for just a few cents per employee and month

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Anonymous - Simple - Safe


100% anonymous

Anonymity of data subjects is our top priority


Just call

Report incidents in just 3 steps. No logins or barriers

Secure communication

As experts in data protection, we know something about it

What our partners say:

“At HeyData we have a personal contact, quick help and, above all, a clear price structure. They offer an optimal price-performance ratio, which is particularly important to us as a fintech startup. The overall package just fits. "

Kurosh Daniel Habibi

Founder & Co-CEO at Carl

“The cooperation with heyData clearly reflected the principle of data protection - trustworthy, reliable and transparent. Thanks to heyData's support, we feel looked after and in good hands at all times ”

Conrad Long

Chief Commercial Officer at Lendis

"heyData offers an efficient combination as a very helpful tech tool, combined with excellent personal support. From auditing and training to questions in day-to-day business, heyData is an important support for us - a real enabler."

Kirill Zhitomirsky

General Counsel of numa


Differences in Whistleblowing, Awareness or Speak Up Platform?

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How do I support the introduction of such a solution in the company?

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What is the EU Whistleblower Directive about?

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Why is a whistleblower protection system important?

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