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Datenschutzsoftware mit persönlicher Expertenberatung -
Lerne unser Hybridmodell kennen und werde in nur 2 Wochen DSGVO-konform:

  • 100% data protection protection
  • transparente & individuelle Kostenstruktur
  • direkter & persönlicher Kontakt mit deinem Datenschutzberater
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Years of experience in building digital companies with sensitive data usage



Telephone calls with customers to clarify internal and external questions about data protection



Satisfied customers who can now fully take care of their business



People whom we protect on behalf of our customers when buying and working privately

Mit heyData in weniger als 2 Wochen DSGVO-konform werden

Vorstellung des persönlichen Datenschutzbeauftragten und Demo der heyData Plattform

Initial admission

personal advice and kick-off meeting


Unterstützung bei der Anpassung von Geschäftsprozessen durch unsere Experten


ständiger Support PLUS wir halten dein Team auf dem aktuellsten Stand in Sachen  Datenschutz

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This is what our satisfied customers say:

“The special thing about heyData is the unbureaucratic and entrepreneurially intelligent cooperation. With the fast service and solution-oriented answers to complex questions it feels more like an: e excellent internal: r employee: in and less like an external service provider. "

Michael from Frischepost

“In the healthcare sector, in particular, there are special challenges in terms of compliance with the GDPR, as you work with sensitive data on a daily basis. Together with heyData at our side, we were able to master this successfully and have found in you a competent partner who can help us quickly and professionally at any time. "

Felix from Felix Healthcare Space

“The cooperation with heyData clearly reflected the principle of data protection - trustworthy, reliable and transparent. It quickly turned out that heyData works professionally and that the criteria are taken into account in every detail. "

Konrad von Lendis

“Our cooperation with heyData turned out to be extremely recommendable. Not only are the approaches to our requirements carried out considerately and thoroughly, but also support as soon as the data protection measures are put into effect. "

Robin from November

“Thanks to the trusting cooperation with HeyData, we benefit greatly from their expertise, which means that the implementation of the GDPR is not a challenge. In HeyData we have found a professional partner who is at our side with advice and action and with whom we feel in the best hands with regard to data protection. "

Stefan from OKM Detector

“With heyData we feel we are well advised on all questions of data protection and the GDPR. We rely on solid specialist knowledge and many years of experience. We particularly appreciate the unsolicited advice and tips for implementing new, complex guidelines. "

Timo from Tektit Consulting

“At HeyData we have a personal contact, quick help and, above all, a clear price structure. They offer an optimal price-performance ratio, which is particularly important to us as a fintech startup. The overall package just fits. "

Kurosch from Carl

Warum heyData als Datenschutzlösung?

Comprehensible and transparent data protection advice

Holen dir deinen persönlichen, zertifizierten Datenschutzberater, um dich jederzeit schnellstmöglich abzusichern - einfach auf Abruf.

Customized industry solutions

Bei uns hast du immer den für deine Branche passenden Ansprechpartner, um dir passgenaue und individuelle Datenschutzlösungen offer.

Next-level data protection management

Unsere End2End-Lösung aus digitaler Plattform und individueller Beratung garantiert absolute Datenschutz-Sicherheit.

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