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Data protection in
Online Marketing

Online marketing is the channel that brings prospects to sales, and it all takes place through a variety of data collections. This often personal data is subject to data protection regulations. So that you can take care of the growth of your company, our experienced team of various experts - also from the field of online marketing & compliance - is at your disposal for all questions of data protection in online marketing!

Goal of the implementation of data protection regulations is not only to reduce the risk of warnings and fines, but also to increase customer satisfaction. GDPR compliance has become one of the core factors and a key selling point for all digital marketing solutions. 

Your advantages with heyData

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Many years of consulting experience in online marketing - operational and strategic, mobile marketing and ad tech
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Our highly specialized and experienced consultants know what is important when it comes to data protection in digital marketing
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New ways:
AI, Big Data, Automated Marketing; We support with innovations and show solutions for a successful implementation
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Independent of location:
We advise digitally - whether via our platform, e-mail or video - regardless of location and then when you need support.

Scale without nasty surprises

User data is the basis of digital marketing. Become in online marketing personal data processed in newsletter marketing, affiliate and automated marketing, tracking or retargeting. And also in other areas, such as market research or customer loyalty marketing with the help of a CRM, personal data form the basis.

Therefore: Successful marketing is not possible without effective data protection. You can therefore benefit from the many years of experience of our consultants.

The special challenges in online marketing:

  • Design of the correct consent according to GDPR: cookie content, advertising and newsletter consent, personalized services
  • Creation of concepts for anonymization and pseudonymization
  • Data protection-compliant use of real-time bidding, DSP, DMP
  • Assessment and regulation of the data protection responsibility of the actors in the advertising chain
  • Compliance with transparency requirements in data protection declarations and contracts
  • Data minimization concepts
  • Compliance with the principles of Privacy by Design / Privacy by Default
  • Creation of concepts for anonymization and pseudonymization
  • Development of complex data usage strategies
  • Implementation of data protection impact assessments
  • Newsletter and social media marketing
  • Data protection-compliant use of new tools


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