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Payment rhythm:

From € 79,-/month
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To start for businesses to achieve basic protection.

  • Up to 50 employees
  • One branch
From€ 175,-/month
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For growing businesses that want to be more than just data protection fit.

  • Up to 250 employees
  • Up to 5 branches
  • No int. subsidiaries
From€ 319,-/month
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For established companies that also want to be data protection experts.

  • Up to 2000 employees
  • Up to 10 branches
  • Int. branches

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Access heyData Platform

External data protection officer

Privacy Fit Program

Includes the following:
  • Creation of privacy statements for apps & websites
  • Preparation of technical and organizational measures
  • Examination or creation of order processing contracts (AVV)
  • Creation of an extinguishing concept
  • Data protection documents for employees
  • Creation of the processing directory

Free annual audit + report

Update of documentation after audit

E-signature on the platform

Access heyData Data Protection Academy

Whitelabeling of the documents

Additional learning content included in the Academy

New e-learning content for various compliance topics.

Roles on the platform


The following are available:
  • HRWorks
  • Personio


Documents in multiple languages

Privacy seal


Covered up to liability amount:
  • AAA = 250.000€
  • AA = 100.000€
  • A = 50.000€

Data protection impact assessments (per year)

Why do I need something like that:
  • Required for many new technologies, video surveillance, or particularly invasive programs.

Expert support included (per year)

Additional Expert:inside support
  • Basic (15min): € 60,-
  • Professional (15min): €50,-
  • Enterprise (15min): €40,-

Prices are incurred when the hours included in the selected package are used up. Technical support, AVV support and audit support is excluded from this and generally free of charge.

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What our partners say

"At HeyData , we have a personal contact person, quick help and, above all, a clear price structure. So they offer optimal value for money, which is particularly important to us as a fintech startup. The overall package simply fits."

Kurosh Daniel Habibi

Co-Founder & CEO, Carl

"The cooperation with heyData has clearly reflected the principle of data protection - trustworthy, reliable and transparent. Thanks to heyData's support, we feel cared for and looked after throughout."

Konrad Lange

CCO, Lendis

"heyData offers an efficient combination as a very helpful tech tool, combined with excellent, personal support. From auditing, to training, to day-to-day business issues, heyData is an important support for us - a real enabler."

Kirill Zhitomirsky

General Counsel, Numa

The digital ALL-IN-ONE compliance solution

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Frequently asked questions

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heyData customers get the best of a combination of helpful data protection software and personal expert support. With the heyData digital platform, you get your data protection under control easily and reliably. At the same time, our data protection lawyers are true experts in their field.

Data protection is not a question of company size. The data protection regulations - and unfortunately also the fines - affect self-employed people just as much as corporations. If you start early with the topic of data protection, it will grow with your company and no painful changes will be necessary later on.

You can get a cost estimate over here in our price overview.

Here you can find an overview of our packages and how they differ.

Overall, the heyData platform helps you get a handle on your data protection for your business - from auditing to retrieving important documents to training employees.

Onboarding: Introduction of all relevant employees to heyData platform. 

Digital 360° audit: screening your departments for data protection compliance 

Documentation: automated creation of all privacy-related documents provided via the heyData platform along with hints on how to improve your privacy level‍.

Continuous support: Proactive monitoring of all data protection topics via our platform with a personal contact person.

We work entirely in German and English. Other languages are available on request.