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heyDatas Marketplace: Integration for HR software

heyDatas Marketplace: Integration for HR software

Companies like to use software to make their day-to-day business easier. We too are big fans of the technological approach, which is reflected in our all-in-1 compliance software solution. While we regulate all data protection issues for our customers, there are also many other subject areas that can be managed via a software solution.

Our team is constantly working on relieving our customers of as much effort as possible so that they can concentrate on the most important tasks of their business. This idea gave rise to the heyData Marketplace within our platform, which allows software integration with other providers. An important part of every company is, for example, the HR department, in which important aspects are clarified, from contract coordination to onboarding and offboarding to payroll accounting for employees. HR software features developed for this purpose are used by many companies in order to benefit from a good overview and simplified handling.

HR and data protection

There is a large overlap between the HR department and data protection: not only does the HR department collect and store a lot of sensitive information and personal data that must be protected according to the GDPR, but also the adequate training of employees in the field of data protection must be ensured by companies are carried out.

Questions frequently asked in this context include:

  • How can I make my employees aware of data protection and how it is handled?
  • How do I achieve data protection-compliant onboarding and offboarding, where, for example, all deletion periods are observed?
  • What do I have to consider when sharing documents with sensitive content with my employees?
  • Is there an HR software integration with data protection officers?

Increase compliance while saving time and labor

For this reason, heyData already offers two software integrations with the common HR management software Personio and HRworks. The software integration available in our marketplace makes it easier for companies to deal with HR-relevant and sensitive data in compliance with data protection regulations and gives access to our software solution.

How does the integration work?

The advantages of our heyData platform for your employees are among others

  • the possibility to have them sign contracts and other documents via e-signature and to share documents with sensitive content with them

  • Mandatory compliance and data protection training to sensitize them to data protection regulations, IT security and potential risks in their daily work

  • privacy-compliant onboarding and offboarding

So that your employees can benefit from our features and your data security is guaranteed, you can invite them to the heyData platform as a customer of ours. If you use HR management software, you have already registered all your employees within it. Thanks to our integration, you can now import your employees from your HR management system directly into our heyData software with just a few clicks and save yourself the hassle of entering each individual employee manually.
In addition to saving time, you can expect all-encompassing data protection for you and your employees and trained staff for data protection requirements and common data protection problems. In addition, access to our platform enables, as usual, the easy handling and management of all data protection-related documents in one place with the support of heyData's data protection experts.

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