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How much is your data worth?

Calculation experiment shows how much money social networks make from our screen time - per minute, day, month and year.

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Europe In The Data Protection Ranking

The GDPR was passed in 2018 - but what about the actual implementation of the new regulations? In this study conducted by heyData, you can find out more about the status quo of the level of data protection in Europe as part of a country comparison.

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Safe-Surfer: These are the most security-conscious people in Europe

Due to the steadily increasing digitization, the GDPR was introduced as an EU regulation in 2018. Standardized data protection is intended to ensure that Internet users have full control over the use of their data.

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Privacy on the smartphone: a European comparison

Hardly any other device is entrusted with so much private information as your own smartphone. Comprehensive data protection features integrated into the operating system and the individual adjustment of all privacy settings are therefore all the more important.

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