That could have been a phishing email

That just went well

No disclosure

We measure for your company how many employees (in%) clicked on the link in the email. From this we draw conclusions about the need for further training and include additional information in our training courses, if necessary. We don't tell your company which employee clicked a link. Data protection is very important to us.

No danger

This email and link were just a test. Their goal is to make you aware of phishing emails. The link only took you to a website of heyData, your data protection officer.

What to look out for in the future

Attackers try to gain access to sensitive data via phishing emails. So please check carefully whether you click on links in emails. You can check the destination of a link in an email as follows: Move the mouse over a link or button without clicking it. The destination address is now displayed directly below or in the bottom line of the browser or e-mail program (usually on the left). On a smartphone, you can see the destination of a link by tapping and holding it.

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