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1 month of data protection advice for free

+1 month free advice as an external data protection officer

fast and digital software solution

transparent cost structure

first class, personal support

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Secure your offer now

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If you conclude a contract with us by December 24.12.2021th, XNUMX, you will receive:

One month of free supervision as an external data protection officer

Access to the heyData platform to manage all data protection documents

first-class and personal support for data protection issues

Customers who trust us

"Thanks to heyData's professional services, we were able to overcome challenges in the area of ​​data protection successful and effortless bridge. "

Robin from November

“The cooperation with heyData clearly reflected the principle of data protection - trustworthy, reliable and transparent."

Konrad von Lendis

"At heyData we have one personal contact, quick help and, above all, a clear price structure. They offer an optimal price-performance ratio, which is particularly important to us as a fintech startup. The overall package just fits"

Kurosch from Carl

"The special thing about heyData is that unbureaucratic and entrepreneurially intelligent cooperation. With the fast service and the solution-oriented answers to complex questions, it feels more like an: e excellent internal: r employee: in and less like an external service provider. "

Michael from Frischepost

4 steps to your data protection solution

Presentation of the personal data protection officer and demo of the platform

Initial admission

personal advice and kick-off meeting


Support in adapting business processes


constant data protection support
and we keep your team up to date

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fast and digital software solution

transparent cost structure

first class, personal support

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